White noise - sounds for putting babies and newborn children to sleep

Monotonous sounds work on the youngest children (from 0 – 12 months) by calming and tranquilizing effect. It reminds them the sound of blood flow in the placenta which they know really well from the time of pregnancy in mother’s belly.

Turn on the Narcotizer when you know that your baby is tired and can not fall asleep. If a child is troubled by something else (for example hunger or belly pain), Narcotizer may not help.

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Why babies love the white noise?

The noise is natural for newborns. Babies come into the world from a noisy environment of Mommy’s belly, which they got used during pregnancy and white noise reminds them this familiar environment. White noise sound can get the child relaxed, calm down and put to sleep.

The origin of the sound in the uterus comes from the blood flow in the placenta, mother’s breathing and heartbeat... More over it spreads to child to the ear by amniotic fluid and during whole 9 months baby perceives a continuous sound at volume about approximately 60 dB which corresponds to the sound of a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer.

What the white noise is?

The term white noise comes from the acoustics and refers to a sound with evenly represented treble, mid and bass. So that sound contains all the spectrum of sound waves simultaneously. The example of “white noise” can be vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, fan, hood, running water or analog television or radio broadcast noise.

Why put babies to sleep and why to sleep at the white noise?

White noise is guaranteed and inexpensive method to help a baby to a peaceful sleep. When used correctly it works on the overwhelming majority of children and adults.

Sleep at the white noise sound is longer and deeper and contributes to a better quality of rest.

White noise can help you as well. Parents notoriously wake up at the slightest child moan, especially when it sleeps a few feet from your bed. White noise helps to mask these sounds, so you and your partner can sleep better.

How does it work?

For a new born baby, who is suddenly “alone” is the outside world very stressful. White sound is similar to the sound inside the uterus and it is very agreeable for child. It relieves stress, create a “safe” area, blocks external stimuli and noise.

The sound of the noise must overlap other sounds (e.g. baby’s cry itself) in the room. The optimal volume is around 60 – 70 dB which corresponds to the volume of impulses in the uterus. You can play yourself with the volume and try what works with you child the best. The sound should not be suddenly turned off because it may cause a waking up of the baby.

Putting children to sleep this way is appropriate to 1 – 2 year. You can teach a child to fall a sleep independently by gradual turning the sound down during a few weeks. Around the world there is however a large number of adults who use this method when falling asleep each day as an alternative to traditional tranquilizing medicaments.